Foreign Bodies
September 21, 2012
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Dr Rupley writes:

"For those patient wearing summer sandals or going barefoot, please take caution.  Many of the painful lumps and bumps on the bottom of your feet can come from walking barefooted inside your home.  Anything can become embedded into the thick sole of the foot and remain for months at a time.  Some of our patients come in thinking that it is a plantar’s wart, but come to find out it is a foreign body, AKA a small piece of something that should not be there.  Most of the time it is broken shards of glass from the kitchen.  Other times, I have found small slivers of hair, beard, plastic, wire, thorns, etc.  So if you have a painful lump, pay attention and seek treatment.  Some of these go on to an infection that needs surgery or hospitalization.  It is best to wear socks and shoes, even in your own home to reduce the risk."