Foot Surgery
By drmoadab
December 23, 2011
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Undergoing foot surgery can be made easier with a few small preparation tips. Following your doctors orders about weight bearing restrictions is probably the most important step to reduce your risk of complications. Another key area is preparation of your house and running errands before the surgery. Try to stock up on food items and necessary items to remain inside your home resting for at least the first one to two weeks. Don’t expect to be able to roam inside a large department store or go shopping for an extended amount of time. Choose a smaller convenience store with less walking involved if you must go out shopping.

Try not to start any major projects, home repairs, or moving heavy boxes or items after you have your surgery. Your doctor will let you know when your restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, use common sense when it comes to doing any activity that may require long distance walking or prolonged standing. Traveling for more than 2hours by car is also another concern. Let your family know that you will not be able to travel until your doctor advises you. If you have to get involved, ask yourself if this activity is worth the risk of a foot complication with your surgery. This will help make the decision easy.